At C.O.W we strive to keep costs down so we can pass on the savings to you, however, we will never compromise on quality of service to you. That’s why we believe we can provide you with  the most MOOTASTIC returns policy!! During your warranty period, you have the option to contact directly with the manufacturer to fix your problems or you can come to us and we will handle everything for you. On top of that, if the standard manufacturer’s warranty is only one year, we will cover the second year for FREE!

Shipping Costs

Because we have no storefront, we need to step up our game to provide a better customer experience. For all products under warranty, we will organise pick up of the faulty unit at your place, repair the product, and send it back to you all free of charge. We will pay all shipping costs involved! The only condition is we require you to provide a sturdy box/packaging when our courier picks the faulty unit up and that you print out a connote to stick on the box so the courier can scan it.

Bear in mind, we are limited by our courier’s capabilities. They cannot pick up or drop off at parcel lockers. For all other pickups, you either have to be on the premise or you can leave it at the front door

Dead On Arrival

If your product fails you within 14 days of receipt of the goods, you have the choice of getting a full refund or getting a replacement. We will organise to pick up the faulty unit at your door free of charge and send a replacement or refund as soon as that is received.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

All our goods are official local Australian stock. Warranty will be covered both by the local Australian manufacturers and by us. If the manufacturer’s warranty is one year, we automatically extend this to two years free of charge. During the standard manufacturer’s warranty, you can either contact the manufacturer or contact us to handle all repairs. In the second year, and if it is out of manufacturer’s warranty, you can contact us to handle all repairs thereafter.

Repair Time Frame

Please bear in mind that we cannot repair the product ourselves and so if you choose for us to handle the warranty on your behalf, we will still have to send it to the manufacturer ourselves. For D.O.As we encourage you to contact us directly as it is quicker for us to send a replacement – manufacturers are often very reluctant to offer replacements without doing proper tests on the products. For normal repairs, it is quicker to go direct to the manufacturer, however, we are more than happy to handle it on your behalf.

Terms and Conditions

Any faulty unit must have their serial number legible for us to offer warranty, or if you still have the original packaging, these usually have serial number stuck on. If you also have the order number or the original receipt from us, we are also happy to support the product.

Keep Our Costs Down

We are launching this site on the basis that our customers are awesome and they won’t abuse our generous returns policy. We reserve the right to modify our returns policy in the future.

RMA Procedure

Please have the following information handy:-
* Invoice or Order Number
* Product serial number
* Description of fault
* Pickup and drop off delivery address (if different)
* Your contact details

Please provide that information by the following methods:-
* Email the information to
* Call us on (02) 9988 4228. If we are not there, please leave a message with the information and we will get back to you ASAP.